Camping Tents on Sale

This is an excellent question because everywhere you turn this camping family tent seems to get positive reviews. How can we know that it is actually as good a tent as campers claim it is? To answer this, we have to look at the qualities of a good tent and then find out if these qualities are to be found in the Yellowstone Matterhorn. Here are the qualities of a good tent. Here are the qualities of a good tent.
One man tents are usually used by backpackers and hikers which means that they will be carried in a backpack along with other camping supplies. They are therefore required to be as light as possible while still keeping all the necessary qualities of a good tent.
The Yellowstone Matterhorn: This tent is surprisingly light at just 1.5 Kg. This is one of the primary reasons that it gets so much praise.
2.Packed size
Can the tent be packed into a small package that fits into a backpack while at the same time leaving room for other outdoor supplies? This is a primary consideration for hikers and backpackers because they don’t want to lose out on supplies because their tent is so big when packed.
The Yellowstone Matterhorn: You will be happy to know that this tent folds into a package just 48x11x11. This means that a regular backpack can hold it along with other basic supplies.
3.Water resistance
Even the most pleasant weather can turn into rain so when you decide to enjoy the outdoors, you want to have a tent that is water resistant. What makes a tent water resistant is the kind of fabric that it’s made of. Usually, it will be made of 2 layers of water resistant fabric. The inner layer is pitched first and then the second outer layer goes on top of it. The space between the 2 layers should be enough to hold a grownup’s fist.
The Yellowstone Matterhorn: It perfectly fits the description of a waterproof tent. First, it is coated with what is called PU 2000H. Secondly, it is double-pitch tent – you pitch an inner tent and then an outer one which makes it completely waterproof.
You need to have a ground sheet to keep you from direct contact with the earth (bugs and other creepy crawlies) and also so that you can be safe from draughts. Fortunately, most 1 man tents come with an attached groundsheet. You should be looking for the quality of the groundsheet – how comfortable is it and how does it withstand continuing contact with the ground?
The Yellowstone Matterhorn: This one comes with a polythene 120g groundsheet which makes it just perfect for sleeping on. It is also of great quality and can last many years.
A good tent is one that has enough room inside. For 1 man tents, you are looking at how much space you have when you lie down, how much space you have when you sit up and also how much room there is for camping supplies.
The Yellowstone Matterhorn: Tent reviews for this particular brand show that users are quite happy with this tent.  There is enough room to lie down, to sit up and they are able to sleep with all their supplies in the tent quite comfortably.
6.Pitching time
Pitching can be a headache for several reasons: the way the tent is designed, its weight and also the ground that you are pitching on. You want a tent that takes a short time to pitch.
The Yellowstone Matterhorn: You will be happy to know that many tent reviews say that campers are able to pitch in 10 minutes or less.
In all, this tent is a great investment especially when you consider how cheap it is.

Emu Oil Advantages

If you have skin that is cracked, dry, or other imperfections, then emu oil is your answer. This incredible oil is derived from the emu bird, native to Australia. Emu oil has many amazing properties, many of which are highly useful to maintain both skin and hair health. It is becoming increasingly popular amongst cosmetic manufactures, and will only increase in popularity as the properties of this incredible oil are more and more realised. It is important to recognize and acknowledge the versatility of emu oil – one of the reasons why it is so popular and used in cosmetics. The oil can be extracted and used for a wide range of purposes, because of its natural healing properties.

Use of emu oil goes back to the era of the aboriginals in Australia. They used it for medicinal purposes, and later through the decades its natural healing attributes were discovered. Understandably, the beauty industry was one such industry to exploit the natural wonders of this oil, and it has been awfully popular in certain parts of the world for this reason, and, in particular, the fact that it is multipurpose.

If you are interested in purchasing emu oil, then seriously do it! After using it on a regular basis, I am sure you will come to see the purchase as a prudent investment on your part. Emu oils will help with skin and hair health, and also nail health too! You will be able to locate this oil from emus in many cosmetic products, and will be able to observe the many benefits from using it!